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    Types of terrariums.

    Our ecosystems are available in different versions: biodome, eggs, giants and jars

    Our Biodome terrarium

    Our glass biodome selection is small but nice. These domed terrariums are 30 cm high and 30 cm in diameter. Through the glass you have a view on all sides of the special selection of plants, such as the alocasia polly, biophytum sensitivum and ficus ginseng. Lovely green and suitable for any interior!

    The Eggs terrarium

    We call the elegant round ecosystems our eggs. Egg-shaped and available in two sizes: large 30 cm high and 17 cm diameter, and medium 25 cm high and 12 cm diameter. Inside you will find plants such as asparagus, biophytum, calathea, coffea arabica and castanospermum.

    Giant terrarium

    The giants are the largest ecosystems of Growing Concepts. One of these giants is even a real green side table because of the top. Or go for an ecosystem with a cork closure, such as the ceres cork terrarium. In addition, the large terrariums are also available with integrated light.

    the Jars terrarium

    Then there are the jar terrariums. These pots with plants are also an ecosystem in glass and contain the most beautiful green plants. With a height of 30 cm and a diameter of 18 cm, these large preserving jars are the ideal environment for your mini ecosystem.

    Are you looking for an original gift or sustainable business gift? Our terrariums are the perfect choice for anyone who loves greenery.

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