These are the interior trends for 2022!

The new year has already started a few weeks ago and now that the Christmas tree has been taken down, we are itching to get started on our interior. So what could be more fun than looking at the interior trends for this year! In this blog we will take a look at the most popular interior styles, colors and materials.

Are you curious about how other interior design enthusiasts apply these trends in combination with Growing Concepts in their interior? Then keep an eye on our blogs, because more about this soon!

Wabi Sabi in your interior

Last year the biggest new interior trend was Japandi; This year we are extending it a little further to the Wabi Sabi style.

Unlike Japandi, Wabi Sabi is not just an interior trend but a lifestyle. This Japanese philosophy focuses on tranquility and is about the beauty of imperfections, simplicity and nature.

The use of color is calm and neutral with shades such as brown, beige and ecru. Soft, coarsely woven fabrics and natural materials are used extensively. The imperfections that naturally occur in natural materials such as wood grains can be seen. And the paint on the wall? It no longer has to be smooth and tight, but can be applied coarsely with a block brush.

Wabi Sabi in je interieur met het ronde wandpaneel

The 70s interior look is coming back

The 70's are hot! And you see this in the interior with round shapes, warm colors and (flower) prints. It all comes back, but in a new guise. The scrap metal is replaced by a trendy slatted wall with felt and where we mainly opted for bright orange in the 1970s, we now opt for the toned-down terra variant. And the sitting pit? This one is also making its comeback!

"Choose the interior style that suits you!"

Organic and round shapes

Where we used to see many straight lines in the interior, these have been increasingly replaced in recent years by round and organic shapes. These shapes break the straight lines and make the interior soft and playful. Think of round sofas and chairs, organically shaped mirrors and vases. But also around glassware and wall decorations, where relief art remains very popular.

Organische vormen in je interieur met relief art

Soft and cuddly materials

Plunk down on the couch and surround yourself with the softest materials. The more cuddly the better! Use coarsely woven fabrics or fabrics such as teddy, velvet and bouclé. And imperfections in the fabric can be seen, just like in the Wabi Sabi trend.

Wood on wood in your interior? That's possible!

Wood in your interior is popular and the nice thing is that the different types of wood and colors can be combined with each other. In fact; combine oak and walnut with each other and you will see that it gives more depth and playfulness.

We still see a lot of the herringbone floor, but the Hungarian point is also becoming increasingly popular and we often opt for a shade darker.

Lamp in the spotlight

The lamp is given a central place in the interior and can therefore be seen! Choose a real eye-catcher above your dining table or on the sideboard. We see many vintage lamps and lamps with a shade, which also gives a nod to the 70s trends.

Ceramic lamps in organic shapes combined with fabric and round glass lamps are also trends that we see a lot.

lamp in de spotlight in je interieur
lamp in de spotlight in je interieur

The color green

In addition to all the earth tones that we see a lot, we end the blog with the color green. The color that we associate most with nature and that we also continue to see in the interior. From olive green to sage green. Everything is allowed! The easiest way to achieve this in your interior is with plants, and these days they don't have to be small, but go all out with large plants or real trees in your living room!

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