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Meet the sheltered workshop; Imond works! and one of the employees!

Jan 20, 2022Anouk Postuma

Recently we briefly took you on a blog about how our company is set up. Where do we have our products made and who is involved in the Growing Concepts brand? Did you miss the blog? Then read it here.
In today's blog we go into this a little further. We will take you to the sheltered workshop that we work with; Imond works!.


The sheltered workshop: Ijmond works!


IJmond Works! is an organization that focuses on the efficient and effective reintegration of citizens who rely on the Participation Act. They also offer work and development opportunities to people with an indication for sheltered employment or sheltered work.

The aim of the organization is to make people as self-reliant as possible by letting them actively participate in society through work. Read below also the vision of IJmond Werk!.


De sociale werkplaats IJmond werkt!

“We are convinced that every person is of value and deserves a suitable place with his or her talents to be able to make a contribution. Together we do everything we can to help people find that place, based on their own motivation, strength and possibilities”.


Which Growing Concepts products come at IJmond works! from?

Various Growing Concepts products are (partly) worked at IJmond! created. They pack all the moss, stones and soil for the terrariums. They stick the moss on the wall decorations and pack the wall panels. Different activities, which also makes the work very diverse.

Sociale werkplaats IJmond Werkt!

Meet Henk:

We would like to introduce you to Henk. Henk is one of the employees of IJmond works! and one of the toppers who contributes to the products of Growing Concepts. What does he do for Growing Concepts and what is his favorite product? We are curious!

Henk is a pleasant and hardworking man who is open to anything. He and his wife have 2 children of whom he is very proud. He is crazy about football and animals. And especially racehorses; a place where he can often be found in his spare time.
Henk has been working at IJmond werk for 40 years! where he has held several jobs. For example, he was in the "greenery", he worked for years at a petting zoo and he stood in the second-hand shop Noppes.

Now he works in the department where, among other things, the products of Growing Concepts are made and he doesn't want anything else! Henk: “I enjoy working in this department. I can express my creativity in pasting the mustard tiles. I really enjoy helping out and would like to stay here until I retire”.

In addition to contributing to the Growing Concepts products himself, he also monitors the department's overview. He sees who can do what well and ensures that everyone has the right work within their own qualities. Henk: “Everyone has to be in the right place and be good at what he/she does. But I also like to collaborate. I am not the type to sit and watch other people at work”

Henk's favourite:

Finally, we had 1 question for Henk; What is his favorite product?
He didn't have to think twice about it. “I think the organic relief wall panel with green render moss and the organic wall panel with green render moss are very beautiful and am very happy that I can participate in this product”.


He was proud to immediately take a picture with one of his favorite products 

Henk van de sociale werkplaats IJmond Werkt!

We are very happy that we can work with an organization like IJmond and that we can also contribute to society. And will you soon receive your Growing Concepts product? There is a good chance that Henk worked on this or that one of the other employees of IJmond works!.



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