Get creative with cardboard: this is how you give your Growing Concepts packaging a second life

Receive an online order? Then think before you just throw the cardboard boxes with the old paper: why throw away something that is still usable? We collected the best ideas to give your packaging material a second life.

Sending parcels

The most obvious way to recycle a used cardboard box is of course to send your own packages. From stuff you sell second hand to a surprise for a friend's birthday. Always handy to have a few boxes in different sizes in stock! This way you can pack the items safely and it saves you a walk to the supermarket. Remove the labels and decorate the box if necessary before sending it. Not only will the recipient be happy with this, but also the environment.

Fantastic playhouse

For those who want to go a step further, there is the concept of 'upcycling'. In other words: give the packaging a new function. Kids really don't need expensive toys to entertain themselves. With a cardboard box they are sweet for hours! Especially when you transform your Growing Concepts packaging into a cheerful playhouse. Cut windows from the cardboard, make hatches that can open and close and a real door. Fun guaranteed! No children, but a cat in the house? Cats, like toddlers, love cardboard boxes. Hide some toy mice in the house, put a soft pillow in them and you have the happiest cat on earth!

Homemade cards

There is nothing like a handmade and handwritten card. So what could be better than using your old packaging material to write a beautiful message? Cardboard "postcards" are sturdy enough to ship without an envelope. Make it a real work of art, for example by using leaves as stamps. How? Simple: collect different shaped leaves and paint them on one side. Then press the sheet with the painted side onto the cardboard. Make sure that the leaf does not move while you carefully remove it, then the result will be the best!

Cardboard against weeds

Building your own herb or vegetable garden is totally hip. But how do you prevent weeds from growing? The trick to keep your newly planted vegetable garden weed-free: with large sheets of cardboard! Use brown cardboard and remove all labels and adhesive strips beforehand. Wet the cardboard sheets and then place them on a moist base. Make sure that the sheets overlap each other well. BNow cover the cardboard with a thick layer of compost. And voilà! The cardboard will suffocate the weeds and that will automatically turn into humus... the brown gold of the vegetable garden!

Have you made something beautiful from your Growing Concepts packaging? Share a photo of the result and maybe you'll see your creation on our blog or Instagram feed!

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