Terrarium | Bolvormig | Glas | Bonsai plant | ↑30cm -Ø30cm - Growing Concepts
Terrarium | Bolvormig | Glas | Bonsai plant | ↑30cm -Ø30cm - Growing Concepts
Terrarium | Bolvormig | Glas | Bonsai plant | ↑30cm -Ø30cm - Growing Concepts


Biodome Botanical - ↕30cm / ⌀30cm

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Biodome is the name of this domed glass terrarium with 3 different plants in it. Appropriate, don't you think? The clear thick recycled glass gives you a very nice view of the botanical plants in this glass terrarium.

Sitting in the Biodome three botanical plants that we have carefully selected for color and diversity. Every month we create a beautiful composition of plants that are available at that moment.

DIY - Your mini ecosystem comes as a Do It Yourself package. But rest assured everyone can do it, even if you don't have a green thumb. We provide an extensive manual with explanation and useful tips and within 4 steps you can enjoy your self-made ecosystem.




Where is the best place to put my terrarium?
The right light is essential for the health of the plants. Therefore, place your terrarium in a place with sufficient daylight, but never in direct sunlight or near other heat sources such as a central heating system or bright spots. Good to know: north-facing windows often provide too little light. The terrarium is only suitable for indoor use and the best temperature is between 15 and 25°C.

How do I take good care of my ecosystem?
Our terrariums have their own mini-ecosystem and therefore require little to no maintenance. We do recommend turning the ecosystem a quarter turn every two weeks, so that all plants receive even and sufficient light. With the right conditions, the plants can keep themselves alive for years.

Should I water my ecosystem?

A closed Growing Concept creates its own microclimate through which the plants keep themselves alive by recycling the water in the glassware. Nevertheless, it can occur on average once every six months that it is necessary to give extra water. Take the soil as a guide to how moist it is in the pot. If the soil feels dry, you can water 5 to 10 cl, depending on the size of your Growing Concept.

My ecosystem shows small white spots. What can I do?
An ecosystem has to acclimatize in the first few weeks. This can cause small white mold spots on the moss, branches, leaves or stones. Don't worry, you can easily remove them with a clean cloth or by cutting away the moldy leaves, stem and all. A biological equilibrium is created automatically.

My ecosystem is condensing excessively, is this normal?

A healthy ecosystem condenses on one side of the pot. Is the entire pot fogged and dripped? Then this is a sign that it is too hot and the system cannot get rid of this heat. In that case, open the jar for twelve hours. Does the problem persist? Then move the pot to another place in the house, for example the north side where it is less light and warm.

There are little flies in my terrarium. What now?
If one of the plants loses a leaf, it falls to the bottom, where it decays and is used again as food. A beautiful natural process. However, this also has a downside: the leaf decomposition process sometimes attracts tiny flies, better known as mourning flies. They lay eggs in the soil. Fortunately, something can be done about this: garden centers sell a biological control agent called 'steinernema feltiae', also known as nematodes. This comes in powder form, to which you add some water and then pour it over the earth.

Some leaves turn brown. What can I do about it?
In principle this is not a problem. Sometimes one of the plants loses a dead leaf. That falls to the bottom, decays and is used as food again. If it bothers you, you can also cut brown leaves, stem and all.

My ecosystem is growing so well that the plant grows against the lid or cork. What now?
We choose plants that grow relatively slowly and therefore do not need to be pruned often. Has your plant grown too big for the glassware? Then you can prune the plant to its original size. Trim the twigs just above a leaf base. Then leave the terrarium open for 24 hours, so that the plant(s) can heal properly.

Mushrooms are growing in my terrarium. Is this normal?
Yes, the mushroom is a harmless species of fungus. You can safely let nature take its course. The mushrooms will not affect your ecosystem and the plants. If it bothers you, you can remove the mushroom.

The moss looks dry.What can I do about it?

The cushion moss that we use is particularly resilient, it resembles a sponge. You can carefully remove it from the ecosystem and then place it in a container with water. Leave the moss for a few hours and it will regain its dark green color. Then squeeze the moss so that it is not too wet and put it back.



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