What does dropshipping include?

Dropshipping is a process whereby you sell items without having to keep a stock of these items and ship packages yourself. You offer our products on your own site.
A consumer visits your webshop and places an order. You then place this order with Growing Concepts. The products are then collected, discreetly packaged and shipped directly to your customer.

Advantages dropshipping:

Short delivery times
You can offer your customers a delivery time of 1-3 working days.

No own stock
You do not need to have a building where you can keep products in stock. This way you run no risk of unsalable stocks. In addition, you remain flexible in carrying your assortment. Changes in the Growing Concepts assortment can easily and quickly be implemented in your own webshop.

No logistical work
We send out the orders for you. By relieving you of the complete logistical and administrative process, you can focus entirely on selling the products.

Before you can start you need to fill in the application form,
. As soon as we have received it we will create your company in our system.

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