Where and how are the products of Growing Concepts made?
Our products are made with care and love in Haarlem. We work together with local craftsmen and are closely involved in the production process.

What materials does Growing Concepts use?
We work with natural materials which we select with the greatest care for their durability and longevity. Our plants come directly from the grower, the glassware is recycled and the woodwork for the accessories is handmade by a company in Haarlem.
What does the
MPS quality mark mean ?

We work with the best growers in the Netherlands and Denmark with an MPS certification. This is a hallmark in the field of sustainability. With this certificate, these growers meet requirements in the areas of traceability, environment, plant protection products and recall procedures.
Why choose Growing Concepts?

Growing Concepts makes unique products which give your interior a stylish look and feel. To this end we use natural and high quality materials with a long life span.

How does a mini-ecosystem work exactly?
A closed terrarium creates its own micro-climate to keep the plants alive. The plants transpire water in the form of vapour. This partially condenses, causing droplets to appear on the inside of the glass. These droplets humidify the soil and create an environment in which the plants and moss thrive.

What does the DIY ecosystem consist of?
Our ecosystems are supplied as a complete Do It Yourself kit. It contains all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions to get started. The contents of the kit include pebbles, soil, moss and the plant(s).

Shouldn't there be a rubber ring in the lid of the jar?

Our years of experience with ecosystems teach us that some plants do not thrive with hermetic seals. That is why we opt for a normal closure, where some air is added to create the optimal climate for the plants. Just look at our Eggs and Corks.

I want to give your ecosystem as a gift. How long can I leave the plants in the sealed box?

Nice that you are going to surprise someone with a Growing Concepts! Are you going to give the product later? Then we advise you to remove the plant(s) from the box and from the packaging, water them and keep them in a light place in your home until you are ready to hand over the gift. You can also choose to assemble the DIY kit yourself and give it to the recipient fully installed.