How to measure your wall

Measure your wall with a tape measure from left to right (width) and from floor to ceiling (height). Measure the centre of your wall, rather than along the floor or side. We recommend measuring in cm for the greatest accuracy.

Measuring tips

Measure twice! If your measurements don't match, we recommend measuring again until they do.

Enter your exact measurements - please do not add extra width or height as we include a small margin (3cm) to account for discrepancies and a small margin of error. Small overages can easily be trimmed away (but no more can be added!).


Colors on the printed wallpaper may vary slightly from those shown on your screen. Computer and phone screens have backlighting that can make colors appear lighter or different than in reality. We recommend lowering the backlight of your screen to about 50% for more accurate colour reproduction.

Check carefully before applying to your wall

Although all Maisomio wallpaper is carefully inspected by hand for quality, we also ask that you check all sheets of your wallpaper for defects or problems before applying them to your wall. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact us before applying the wallpaper.

Please note that the panels may not come in the correct order. Please lay out all the panels before applying them to the wall to check the correct order and that the panels match correctly.