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Below you will find the answers to questions frequently asked by our customers. It is therefore best to first check whether the answer you are looking for is listed here. If your question is still not listed, you can always email us and/or call us, we will of course be happy to help you!


Unfortunately it is not possible to choose a delivery date. All packages ordered on workdays before 16:00 will be shipped the same working day. Then your order within the Netherlands will usually be delivered the next working day! There will be no delivery on Sundays and Mondays.

Collection is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

You can pay safely and quickly via Ideal, Credit card, Klarna and Paypal

Shipping within the Netherlands above €50 is free. For orders under €50 we charge €4.95

Order before 16:00 and we will ship your package on the same working day.

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, we will send you an email with a Track & Trace code with which you can track the status of your shipment.
Nobody home? Then PostNL will deliver your package to the neighbors or to a PostNL point nearby. They will of course leave you a card with a 'non-home code'. With this code you can see on track & trace where you can pick up your package.


If the order has not yet been shipped and you have not yet received the shipping confirmation, you can contact customer service to cancel your order. Make sure you have your order number ready, so we can serve you even faster.
Available by phone   from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 13.00.
(+31) (0)23 799 6681 
Or email via

Plants are living products and may therefore in principle not be exchanged. Is the order incorrect or is something wrong? We will then do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible. Please contact our customer service for this
Available by phone   from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 13.00.
(+31) (0)23 799 6681 
Or email via

If there is something wrong with your product, please contact our customer service We will send you a return link so that you can return the package to us free of charge.

As soon as an item has been returned to us in good condition, the amount paid will be refunded to you. We work together with external payment companies. Refunds are usually made within one to fourteen days to the account you used to pay for your order.

Despite our best efforts to package the glass as best as possible, it can unfortunately happen that glassware breaks in transit and arrives broken or damaged.

In that case, please contact our customer service via and we request to add a photo of the damage.

We will then send replacement glassware as soon as possible.

In this case, we also recommend removing the plant(s) from the packaging, giving them some water if necessary and storing them in a bright place in the house.


Growing Concepts fully guarantees the quality of its products. The legal guarantee applies to all items that you buy from us, which means that a product must do or is what you as a customer can reasonably expect from it. If you have a complaint about a product, we would of course like to solve it with you. Please contact us at

The order number that you have received from us by email serves as proof of warranty.

Our plants come directly from the grower and are packaged and shipped with care. After delivery, the care and living conditions of the plant cannot be checked by us. If your plant changes or dies within two weeks of purchase, we will send you a refill package free of charge. Send a photo of the product and your order number to You will then receive a new content for the glassware as soon as possible: stones, soil, moss and plant(s).

All Growing Concepts products are made with the greatest care. Is there something wrong with the product? Please contact our customer service via You will receive a substantive response from us within two to five working days after receipt of the complaint or question. If everything indicates a poorly produced product, you can return it at our expense and we will send a replacement.

CARE Terrarium

The right light is essential for the health of the plants. Therefore, place your terrarium in a place with sufficient daylight, but never in direct sunlight or near other heat sources such as a central heating system or bright spots. Good to know: windows on the north often provide too little light. The terrarium is only suitable for indoor use and the best temperature is between 15 and 25°C.

Our terrariums have their own mini ecosystem and therefore require little to no maintenance. We do recommend turning the ecosystem a quarter turn every two weeks, so that all plants receive even and sufficient light. With the right conditions, the plants can keep themselves alive for years.

A closed Growing Concept creates a microclimate itself through which the plants keep themselves alive by recycling the water in the glassware. Nevertheless, it can occur on average once every six months that it is necessary to give extra water. Take the soil as a guide to how moist it is in the pot. If the soil feels dry, you can water 5 to 10 cl, depending on the size of your Growing Concept.

An ecosystem has to acclimatize in the first few weeks. This can cause small white mold spots on the moss, branches, leaves or stones. Don't worry, you can easily remove them with a clean cloth or by cutting away the moldy leaves, stem and all. A biological equilibrium is created automatically.

A healthy ecosystem condenses on one side of the pot. Is the entire pot fogged and dripping? Then this is a sign that it is too hot and the system cannot get rid of this heat. In that case, open the jar for twelve hours. Does the problem persist? Then move the pot to another place in the house, for example the north side where it is less light and warm.

If one of the plants loses a leaf, it falls to the bottom, where it decays and is used again as food. A beautiful natural process. However, this also has a downside: the leaf decomposition process sometimes attracts tiny flies, better known as mourning flies. They lay eggs in the soil. Fortunately, there is something to be done about this: garden centers sell a biological control agent called 'steinernema feltiae', also known as nematodes. This comes in powder form, to which you add some water and then pour it over the soil.

In principle, this is not a problem. Sometimes one of the plants loses a dead leaf. That falls to the bottom, decays and is used as food again. If it bothers you, you can also cut brown leaves, stem and all.

We choose plants that grow relatively slowly and therefore do not require frequent pruning. Has your plant grown too big for the glassware? Then you can prune the plant to its original size. Trim the twigs just above a leaf base. Then leave the terrarium open for 24 hours, so that the plant(s) can heal properly.

Yes, the mushroom is a harmless type of fungus. You can safely let nature take its course. The mushrooms will not affect your ecosystem and the plants. If it bothers you, you can remove the mushroom.

The cushion moss that we use is particularly resilient, it does resemble a sponge. You can carefully remove it from the ecosystem and then place it in a container of water. Leave the moss for a few hours and it will regain its dark green color. Then squeeze the moss so that it is not too wet and put it back.



Our products are composed with great care and love in Haarlem. We work together with artisan and local makers and are closely involved in the production process.

We work with natural materials that we select with the greatest care for durability and longevity. Our plants come directly from the grower, the glassware is recycled and the woodwork for the accessories is handmade by a Haarlem company.

We work with the best growers in the Netherlands and Denmark with MPS certification. This is a quality mark in the field of sustainability. With this certificate, these growers meet requirements in areas such as traceability, the environment, crop protection products and recall procedures.

Nice that you are going to surprise someone with a Growing Concepts! Are you going to give the product later after receipt? Then we recommend that you take the plant(s) out of the box and the packaging, give them some water and store them in a bright place in the house until you hand over the gift. You can also choose to assemble the DIY package yourself and give it to the recipient as a gift already fully installed.

Our ecosystems are delivered as a complete Do It Yourself package. It contains everything you need and step-by-step instructions to get started. The contents of the package consists of stones, soil, moss and the plant(s).

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