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This is how you bring peace and unity to your interior

Mar 14, 2022Anouk Postuma
  1. There is a lot going on in the world. Unfortunately, after the past few years in which we have had to adapt in various areas, peace has not fully returned to the world. Yet many people do need this. So what could be nicer than coming home to a house where you can experience that tranquility and where you can relax for a while. Below we give you a number of tips to get more peace and unity in your interior. This is how you create a place where you can be yourself for a while!


Use of color


The color choices you make have a lot of influence on how a space feels. To create more unity, you can use the 60-30-10 rule. In this case, you choose three colors. You use the first color for 60% in the room. This is your primary color. The second color is the secondary color and you use it for 30% and the last color is an accent color and you use it for 10% in the room.

To get a calm whole, it is best to choose a color from a natural color palette for the primary color. Use this for the walls, ceiling and possibly the largest furniture. For the secondary color, choose a shade that matches the primary color but is slightly different, creating a nice contrast. Use this color in furniture, rugs or, for example, wall decorations. With the last color you can choose a color that really stands out because it is only used for 10%. With this color you can really give your personal touch to the interior. Use this color in accessories such as cushions, vases, candles ect.


eenheid in interieur

Material usage


Now that you know how best to apply the color distribution in an interior, it is also good to look at the use of materials. These also have a major influence on how a room feels. Go for a mix of different materials that fit within your color palette. This makes a space just a little more exciting and gives a space dynamism.


"The right distribution of colors and materials are essential for creating a calm interior"

Ensure good acoustics


Nothing is more annoying than being in a room where the acoustics are not good. This makes the room sound hollow and therefore immediately feels cold. You can easily improve the acoustics by adding materials that absorb the sound. Think of carpets, fabric furniture or moss walls. A moss wall has a sound-damping effect whereby 80% of the sound that reaches the moss wall is absorbed. This makes it a perfect wall decoration to improve the acoustics.


Akoestiek moswand

Create enough storage space


We all know it; children's toys lying around or loose clutter that is always everywhere and nowhere. The peace and unity in an interior is then hard to find. Make sure you have enough storage space to store all these items. In this way, in the evening, after the children are in bed, you are a lot more comfortable on your couch.

In addition, create separate places for your accessories. Make a real corner of this by putting several things together, instead of separating everything across the room. You will see that the room suddenly seems a lot quieter.

Add plants


We wrote a blog before about the power of greenery and plants in your interior. You can read it here. Plants are good for acoustics, humidity and actually make us happy. Opt for some larger plants to really make a statement.This brings more unity than many loose small plants. Or of course choose an ecosystem. Here too you can opt for large, such as our EcolightXXL, Hebe or Demeter. Do you opt for a smaller ecosystem, such as the Egg or Erlenmeyer? Then turn it into a cozy corner with your other accessories as already tipped above!

Ecosysteem Hebe

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