De kracht van groen

What is the power of green? You can approach this question in different ways. For example, what do you think of when you think of the color green and what is the power of this color? What happens if you bring more green into your interior by means of plants? And what does more green mean if you look at sustainability correctly? We'll list it for you.


The color green


Each color has its own unique effect on us. So is the color green. This color is seen as a neutral color that radiates tranquility. It evokes feelings like optimism, satisfaction and ensures effectiveness. Green is the color of life, and is reminiscent of spring and summer. It is therefore not surprising that you can completely relax when you walk in a forest or nature reserve.

De kracht van groen

It's not surprising that you completely relax when you walk in a forest or nature reserve!"

Green plants in your interior


We like to take the feeling you get when you walk in nature. You can easily do this by placing (green) plants in your interior. But apart from the green color, the plants have many more positive effects on us.


Air purifying
Most houseplants have an air-purifying effect. The plants convert CO2 into oxygen and can emit water vapor, which improves the humidity in a room.

de kracht van groen

Improves concentration
Because the air quality has improved, we can also concentrate better. An extra good idea to bring more plants into the house now that we work from home a lot. Do you work in the office? Then suggest to your colleagues to place more plants. Success guaranteed!

Another additional advantage of plants is that they improve the acoustics in a room.
The leaves absorb the sound. The bigger the plants, the better the effect. But also consider a moss wall. These greeners also do wonders for the acoustics!


Plants make us happy
Finally and perhaps the most important reason to put more plants in our interior is that it makes us happy. Various studies have shown that plants can reduce stress. So in a house full of plants you feel relaxed and happy more quickly. You can take this all the way back to prehistoric times when we as humans lived in nature. Plants in your interior bring back this genuine primal feeling. We simply feel good among the plants.



The color green also stands for sustainability. Today, many organizations and brands are committed to sustainability. Whether it is to create more awareness or to produce products in a sustainable way. At Growing Concepts we also try to contribute as much as possible to this. Because we want to keep this special world with all its beauty as long as possible!

At the moment there is an interesting exhibition on sustainability in the Museom-Ominiversum museum; “One Planet Expo”. The exhibition is about topics that concern us all: a fair distribution of food, water, energy and how we can best live together on this planet. In seventeen parts of the exhibition, aspects of a sustainable development goal are highlighted.And the nice thing is that there are also Growing Concepts products on display! So if you want to become our Ecolight or moss wall in the museum, take a quick look at the exhibition which is fun for young and old!


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