How to take care of Growing Concepts Jar

Growing Concept Jars are types of plant grown in a media such they do not require water. Each carefully selected specimen is tightly sealed in a humid growing media. The water and air inside the media is continually recycled for usage within the jar.

Where can I place it?
You should avoid exposing Growing Concept Jars to direct sunlight because it will cause a sudden rise in temperature within the container thereby steaming the plant alive.  The jar should be placed in a location where it can be exposed to indirect light.

Another condition that could be have adverse effect on the plant is excessive cold. The plant should be placed in a location with constant temperature. A great sign that could be useful in determining a good location is the amount of condensed air within the jar. A good location is the one that has a side of the jar is covered with mist while the other side is clear during the day.  Usually, it takes about a week for the plant to get adapted to the new location.

How long will the plant live?
The longevity depends on a number of factors such as location of the jar, exposure to light, and prevailing temperature. A plant can survive up to 3 months or more. We have experience with specimen that lived more than a year but it is possible that your plant may not live that long.

What if things seem to be going badly?
Although the plant inside the jar is strong, it is expedient to be mindful of the fact that the plant is a living organism. Its leaves may become brown, grow fungus or some other type on microbes; this should not be an issue of concern because the plant will survive as long as it remains healthy. On the other hand, if after taking all precaution to locate the jar in a position with indirect sunlight and right temperature you observed that there are a lot of brownish leaves, fungus and bugs eating the leaves; do not panic, there is still hope.

Trouble shooting.

The glass looks foggy – can I correct this?
It is natural to have a little condensation on the side of the jar. However excessive light or high temperature will increase the condensation such that visibility is reduced. A reliable sign that that indicate a good location is the amount of condensed air within the jar. A good location is the one that has a side of the jar is covered with mist while the other side is clear during the day. It takes about a week for the plant to adapt to the new location.

If the high condensation persists, you should consider moving the plant to a different location in your office or home.  Do not forget to keep the plant away from direct sunlight and high temperature. On the last note, the condition may be caused by excess water within the jar. This can be corrected by opening the jar and removing some of the condensed water.  You can find tips on this procedure here

I think I see fungus
Fungus are integral part of the soil that the plant grows on; the presence of fungus matter is also vital to the plants survival. However, there are some species of fungus that is bad for the plant; it this case, you may observe white fungus on the leaves that cause it to turn brown.  You should remove the affected leaves in order to save the plant..

Some leaves are turning brown
Yes, it is possible for some part of the plant to turn brown, it does not necessarily reflect a diseased condition. However, a situation where a whole leaf turns brows and other leaves a becoming brown also, you should take action to correct this.

The leaves are beginning to sag!

In a situation where the leaves are no longer crisp but look weak and sagging, it indicates that the plant is overheating due to excessive heart or direct light. A good pointer to this fact is the presence of a pool of water in base of the jar while the Soil in the pot is dry. The condition can be easily corrected by opening the jar, removing some of the excess water and adding water to the soil.

Opening and closing

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry with a clean towel.
  2. Unlock the jar.
  3. Fix the problem as required.
  4. For excess fog, wipe the interior of the glass with a piece of cloth that is clean and dry. Be careful not to leave traces
  5. If there are fungus or brown leaves, simply remove them.
  6. In case the leaves a limb, add a little water to the soil
  7. Close the jar

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